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Dedication to Unparalleled Service Is Reflected in Our Mission

The company is active in engineering, contracting, and mainly construction management and Financial Consulting since 1994 as well as in tourist, real estate  and Industrial development projects, having completed and/or performing projects in  Greece, Italy, Germany, United Kingdom, Syria, Egypt, Malta, Kuwait, Norway, Russia Libya, Kazakhstan and China. 

Know-how and expertise together with the experienced technical staff, was involved in trading, engineering, consulting, contracting and construction works of any type (industrial, earth moving, roads, marine, housing, hotels, hospitals) in several countries, such as Greece, Italy, Russia, China, Middle East, British Guyana, Egypt, Libya, Tunisia, Morocco, Mali, Nigeria, Cameroon, and Gabon.

Civil Litigation

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We Want to Express Our Deep Gratitude to You in the Service That You Provided for Us in Dealing With the Most Difficult Situation

Roosevelt Coulter


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The Group and his founder have completed successfully variety of projects covering the full spectrum of engineering practice. In the following sections key features are pinpointed and representative projects are summarized in groups of similar nature.