Our Vision

Mission & Vision, Strategy & Values

We strive to provide [an appropriate] professional solution for the most highly complex civil engineering works in the world.

as SLACONNECT, we seek to be recognized in worldwide and particularly in all over the world as Premier Engineering Construction and Infrastructure Company. We further seek to create long-term shareholder value via unmatched service delivery to our customers, for whom infrastructure quality, efficiency and reliability is a must. We aim to do this through:

The following qualities form the basis of the company vision:

Strategy– meticulous optimization of company operations with the aim of expanding its professional activities over time. and concentrating on our core business as an integrated engineering construction company.
integration– wise integration of business activities among the companies on the assumption that the whole is greater than its parts. and providing total project leadership by leveraging our key construction competences and applying well-tailored solutions for our diverse customers.
Leadership– nurturing the significant relative advantages that enable the company to compete with leading construction companies. while recruiting, nurturing and developing our employees as a key pillar of our competences.
“To Build The Future For The Next Generation”

Reaching The Stars For Our Clients